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I hate talking about myself, so bear with me – I'm a self taught artist, photographer and million other things. When I'm not juggling 2 kids, a dog that never leaves my side, and a house that never seems to stay clean, you'll find me working on some sort of artwork. 


I've been drawing since I could remember. Tried my hand at oil painting with Bob Ross in my early teens...hated it. Tried calligraphy...hated it. Tried drawing with charcoal...hated it. The only joy I had was sketching with a plain ol' pencil...but eventually, in my late teens, I hated that too. I didn't pick up a pencil again until I was around 28. While my daughter was napping, I scoured through art books...drawing, painting, photography. I practiced almost everyday. I'm a perfectionist, so I was extremely hard on myself (still am) and struggled to overcome my fear of failure. Eventually, I became happy with the work I was doing. Pencil portraits were my favorite, but after a while, the stress of getting them "just right" was too much for me, so I started sketching random characters. Cartoonish versions of my family, creepy doll looking things, pretty much anything that brought out all of my pent up emotions.


Even though I liked what I was doing, I was never really able to put everything that I had in my head onto paper...and then, thanks to my daughter and her new interest in cupcake charms, I discovered clay.  Loved it immediately. Taught myself everything I could, mostly through trial and error.  I can't describe the feeling I had when I made my first "real" sculpture.


All I thought was...Clay! Where have you been all my life??


My process is simple...I think it, sketch it and sculpt it. The positive feedback was overwhelming! So many people wanted my creations, but I just couldn't let them go, which is how I discovered resin. Now I can duplicate some of my sculptures and share them with others!


** I've started needle felting and wire sculptures! 


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